Erik Johansson的荒诞摄影

2015-11-05 玩意

Wikipedia对Erik Johansson的介绍如下:

Erik Johansson (born April 1985) is a Swedish-born artist based in Berlin who creates surreal images by recombining photographs and other materials.He captures ideas by combining images in new ways to create what looks like a real photograph, yet with logical inconsistencies to impart an effect of surrealism. Some finished images are the combination of “hundreds of original photographs” as well as raw materials, and Johansson spends dozens of hours using image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop to alter the image digitally and to illustrate his idea. Reporter Robert Krulwich wrote that Johansson creates a “meticulous fantasy” which is “part photograph, part construction, part drawing” with “so many layers of foolery in his images, you can’t pull the illusion apart, it fits together so perfectly.”


Erik Johansson这个85年出生的瑞典伢目前住在柏林,他喜欢把多张照片或素材合成为奇奇怪怪的图景,看起来跟真的相片一样,有的看起来还荒唐的很。一些相片要上百张照片素材,花好几个钟头,用那个叫啊逗逼Photoshop的软件合成。Robert Krulwich说:Erik Johansson搞的东西,是由照相,构造,绘画三样手艺慢慢搞才搞出来的~好赞呐!

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